By: Fed Up


Come back, there is a part of my face that you haven’t stepped on yet. I should change that saying and turn it around. “Come back here and let me walk on your face for awhile.” You bet there is anger here in me today. As I lay here and can’t sleep remembering all I naturally have done for you. Thinking what in hell is going on, cause you don’t even have the backbone to face me. Yellow Bellied. That is what I call it. Stand up and be a woman. Don’t hid behind some smokescreen. Now that your son is older and you don’t need me anymore to help you care for him. That is low. You allowed him to call me grandma and encouraged him to hug me for 9 years. Wow. You must have had to put up with me. But now you can kick me to the curb without any courtesy. I was there. I was there. I was there and I was there again.

All the blah blah blah, I have heard from your lips. Blah Blah Blah. Stick it up your ass. How dare you soothe me into a relationship that you knew would bluntly end. Seems to me you have done this before. As I see most of your relationships have been ending anyway I knew it was a matter of time for me to be disposed of by you. You and your denial. Ha ha. Give me a break. I don’t even care about being disposed of by you. It is the dirty filthy way you did it. Amazing. I have seen you do this to others. Thank god I did not join you in your hate. I don’t have time for hate. Even though you may not have approved of my relationships with your “enemies” I still kept them as friends. I guess you didn’t like that at all. You know me… I do not hate. I could kick your ass but you are too chicken to show your mean self.

Excuse me if I am standoffish. I have been taken enough of the blame for others weaknesses. I don’t want you in my life. Not because of anything else except I am vulnerable to your moods. You are the one who decides if I am bad or good. Well I am done with that. I am good. I am good. And you are what ever you are. Leave me out it.

What is it with you losers. Can’t accept responsibility for who you are? Can’t see that you are human too? I know, I know we all wanna be special. Well I don’t, I just want to survive. Leave me the hell alone.

No wonder hermits happen. I am sure I have written this whole story before. Why did you feel you could pee into my cereal. Pee into your own. Leave mine the hell alone.

Tired of you… that would be mild. I have met your kind before and I am still my unassuming self. I don’t quite get your meanness or your slights. I put it aside allowing you to have a bad day. No not you.. you don’t allow me the same courtesy do you? No I am not allowed. Oh is that because I am special. No it is because I am a great target for all the wrong in your life. Why am I a fitting enough person to stack it all on my back and carry your cross around.

I don’t want your crosses. I have my own and guess what? I don’t blame anyone. Hmmmm maybe I should. I could get damn pissed off with the world couldn’t I?

GET OVER IT! I have. Shame on you. I have no shame.


About pardonmyblog

Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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