And then you were awakened

I have been having some trouble with 12 people who don’t speak my language calling my cell phone. It has been very frustrating. When I have called them back they are very apologetic but it goes on and on.

Last night it was late when my cell phone rang. I have all the names and the numbers written down so I know it was one of harassers. I returned the call and I had to stick with it since the number was busy. Once we connected I told her about my problem. It turned out her English was pretty darn good. Thank the Lord.

Hanan explained to me that she was trying to reach her sister in Africa. It seems the digits involved include my cell number and sometimes it is seamless for her to reach her sister and other times it calls me. Now remember I have 12 others who call me.

We had an amazing chin-wag. She has been in Canada for 4 years. She is lived in Edmonton for 3 of them. Hanan has three children. Two boys and one little girl.

She was so friendly and we talked about her becoming a Canadian Citizen. She told me how grateful she is to be in this safe country where she can protect her children.

I gotta tell this changed my frustration to excitement. J Welcome to Canada. We are not perfect but my God we are safer than a lot of countries. So we open our arms to you. Please treat us properly. Do not bring all those cruel ways that were taught to you, leave them behind with all the other shackles.


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Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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