Well New Fun on the Horizon

So who holds your destiny?  Well truly, a lot is determined by yourself that is true but not always.  Sometimes you are controlled by your neighbours. Let us say that you have a chunk of property and some of it is empty. You are tired of cutting. Although it is nice to have the distance between you and the neighbour to the south, it is 50,000 bucks sitting there unused. So you decide to sub-divide. Off you go to the local town office and begin the adventure. They tell you sure go ahead and you say how is it done. They say run your butt here and there to get this and this signed. So you do it. Now you sit back and wait. When things are not happening you say what do I do now. The town office says give us 20,000 bucks to put water to the curb and you have to build an access road to this piece of land. Hmmmmm. Wow they have me over a barrel don’t they. So finally they get their money for the curbstop and I still have nothing. Then I find out I need a free title piece of paper from the Land Titles. Okay off I go. I got it. Put it on the market and wait. Well the calls come and come and come. But no offers. I cannot figure it out. We have a great location and no one is making any offers. So off I trot to town office and say “Whatz up here”. What are they telling people. The say we are telling them everything is find here and so I go away. Later on I am getting really frustrated. We call in a second real estate agent who tells us we aresking too much. So we drop the price and he goes to the town office and finds out that the town office is not only rude to our possible customers but also telling them that their house can only be 20ft wide on this lot. No exceptions on this issue. Well the real estate agent says Pardon??? So  now we are at the bottom of it all. It is the town office that is putting road blocks in our path. It was not a surprise as we suspected something awhile back.

So now here we are again paying the town office more money to allow for a variance so someone can put a decent size home on the lot. Now we have to wait. Here is where it gets interesting. All the neighbours around us get the same letter we do. Announcing that we have requested a variance on the yard to allow for a larger home here. We have requested 5 foot side yard which would be 18 ft from our home and 65 feet from the neighbours yard.  There is a road allowance between the neighbours on the south. But they have already spread word around the neighbourhood that if we sell this chunk of land they are moving.

So here we sit. The meeting is in two weeks and I can already see the rumblings in the neighbourhood. The neighbour to the south has gone to talk to the neighbour directly across the road. The neighbour across the road should be our biggest supporter. Since a few years ago he put his business into his yard. All the neighbours were up in arms and tried to get me on board. I refused and said mind your own business. But it is funny how easily these people forget how much you helped them because as soon as we subdivided he had his knickers in a twist about it. It really surprised me and saddened me too. Since I supported him. So here we go. Keep your fingers crossed for me… or don’t! Whatever.


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Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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