Kathy’s Clown was her Favourite Song

I am grateful for the gifts that Kathy brought into this world. And all of them are sitting in this room. I love you so much.

Kathy was my guardian. We were only 2 years apart but she always looked upon me as a “younger” sister or a daughter.

I remember they had a “gang”. My cousin Dana was a part of it. But not me, they didn’t usually take me.

It was in the back of the old Capital Theatre. We had to climb up the various buildings to crawl into this upper room. There was an old cupboard full of their stash from the 5 and dime. It was exciting to be invited this day. Kathy brought me. And when Margaret saw me she was not happy that I was there. Margaret said well you will have to be a blood brother like the rest of us and you have to pledge that you will not tell anyone. You can’t imagine my shock when I learned it involved blood letting, “Mine”.

Kathy stepping in for me and said no way. She will not tell.

This may have been the first time she saved me. She was my protector after all.

Many years after I found myself in England where she knew my troubles and nagged Jim for the money to bring me home to Canada.

Thank you Jim. This is why I will always love you! Living with Jim, Kathy, Terry, Jodi, Jim and Lori was the closest thing to a normal family I had ever known.

I loved being a second mom to you kids. We all moved to Saskatoon and in 1969 you made a decision to move to Moose Jaw. I just could not come back here.

But Kathy and I were never far apart. Birthdays, Easter hunts, Christmas. Kathy made the best turkey dinners. Speaking of turkey, one year Kathy hauled the turkey from the freezer and put it in the sink to thaw. The next morning we awoke to the sink full of grease and bird.

Kathy had thawed the neighbours goose.

The first Christmas I was separated, I was scheduled to work. Well Kathy was having none of that. She Packed her whole family up, turkey and all and arrived in Saskatoon to make our Christmas a happy one. And it was.

Kathy and I never fought, never argued. Until around 1982. It was a bad one. We were so sick about it that we called each other the next day and couldn’t get through because our phones were busy. We had been trying to call  each other.

Once we spoke it was all over.

Of course the last separation was the very worst but I believe that people who enter your heart are there forever. No argument not even death can change that.

I want to tell you grandchildren that your grandmother is not far away. She is in your heart right now. When you miss her speak to her and tell what your day was like. Have lunch with her because she is not gone she is in your hearts. And remember the good times.



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Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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