My Mom – Time to Tell A Story – Part II

My Mom – Time to Tell A Story – Part II

by L.J. Hamill on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 at 11:15

Part II

Well you may have guessed that when I met my cousin Richard, he and I fell in love. Nothing much just the odd ‘kissing cousin’ thing. It was hard to know how to behave since he was cute and so was I and we had never met before. But his girlfriend sure told us how she felt about our constant chumming around. All is well, they married and had a bunch of boys. And I am outta the picture. 🙂

If I thought I was spoiled, my cousin Richard was spoiled by given the opportunity to attend the finest schools. When I met him he was in the Merchant Marines. He had an Mini Cooper which he drove like a maniac. Mom didn’t like me going anywhere with him. ha ha.

So back to the Thatch Roof Cottage. Any of you that think these cottages are romantic and cool and neat will be interested in my story.

So the layout was like this. We had our front door which was off the kitchen and a closed door which turned out to be the staircase to the upstairs. But upon observing what was behind that door we realized that it was a sure thing, we would not be using them to get to our quarters. There were bags, suitcases, boxes stacked all the way to the top. Mom said perhaps we could clean it out for the little old lady and start using the stairs eventually. The place was furnished thank goodness as we didn’t have a stick of furniture.

The night came and it was time to tuck my little sister upstairs to bed. All three of us walked through the little old lady’s frontroom. She sat there smiling at us. Then we passed through her
kitchen to get to her stairs. Once we were at the top of the stairs we had to cross through her bedroom and into our side.

I can only remember one bedroom. Mom and I were taking the double bed and my sister had a smaller bed in the same room. Once we tucked her in we went back downstairs for a nice cup ‘a tea.

Mom and I really wanted to get at the cleaning. I don’t think the place had been properly cleaned for centuries. We began peeking under carpets, since in England most of the carpets were not wall to wall. We wanted to get an idea of what we would have to do tomorrow. As we lifted the carpet we saw a huge spider. And I mean HUGE. To put it mildly, Mom and I are not spider lovers. So we put the carpet down shivered and jumped about for a bit. Then we assured each other that we would be fine in the morning and will do the clean up.

Of course we hadn’t had time to put our clothes away out of our suitcases and as I reached into my open case for P.J.s I caught a glimse of something moving. You guessed it, another huge spider was waiting for me and hanging over my suitcase. The largest spider you could image.

Well we didn’t want to wake my sister but Mom and I were freaking out. The little old lady heard us and said softly, “Don’t worry spiders will not hurt you.” Yeah Right! I did not get into any P.J.s I slept in my jeans and t-shirt. Not a good sleep at all. Mom either. We made a pact that we would we would get the heck outta there in the morning.

Morning did come, which surprised us. We told the little old lady that we just couldn’t stay here. She was sad. But what could she say. Once my Uncle and Aunt heard about it they were pretty annoyed. But dear Uncle came and got us. He must have taken us back to his house for awhile. Meanwhile mom and I quit our jobs and moved down south to mom’s cousin, Joan.

Joan and her family lived in a counsel house. It was a three bedroom home. But they opened their home up to us. We got one of the bedrooms on the second floor and we all three slept in it.

I called Joan, Auntie but really she was my mom’s cousin and therefore my 2nd cousin. But it seemed more respectable to call her Auntie. Now Auntie didn’t live alone there. She had two children. The oldest was a girl and the other a boy. It was a little weird because there were no mirrors, not even in the bathroom. The only mirror Auntie used was a compact mirror. I found out that it was for Joan’s daughter’s sake. Because she had a scarred face from a birth defect, cleft pallet and split lip. She was younger than I was but older than my little sister.

Joan’s daughter was high strung and had a lot of angry fits so did my little sister so it was interesting. High strung was a consistent thing in that house. My Aunt was amazingly high strung but she was usually happy and loud. Her son was creative and quiet. He was very handsome with lovely blonde curly hair. He wrote some love poems to me. Which I found funny and it must have been difficult for him. Again, I was very immature. I sure didn’t want to be mean. His poetry was beautiful. I wish I had some of them. Everyday I would wake to these lovely notes pushed under our door.

I had another bonus while being ‘down south’. Joan had two beautiful sisters and an amazingly neat dad. Joan’s sisters were spinsters living in the family home in Maidstone, Kent. Uncle Ted (Roderick) Mutch was there too. His daughters looked after him well. And not far from them was another sister who had two girls and I used to do some babysitting for them.

During my time there I took a course in typing. Badly needed. Still I was never very good at that. But I flubbed my way through. And that is how my work life started. Flubbed.

Now it was time for me to find a job. …………..


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