My Mom time to tell….

My Mom – Time to Tell A Story by L.J. Hamill on Tuesday, 25 August 2009 at 04:54 My mom has finally decided to join her daughter and mother on the other side. My mom has been the strongest woman I have ever known. When we fled the country in 1967, Centenniel Year, I was not quite 18. When I think back, a very immature 18. My sisters before me were tossed out onto the street to fend for themselves well before they were 18. My father was a cruel man. He had threatened to throw me out too. I was devastated as I would have no way to survive out there. In 1966, mom asked me if I would leave the country with her and go to England. I was not ready but should not have been asked. My decision making abilities were undeveloped. A year later the threat became more real and I was ready to move away, far away. I kissed my nephews, Kenny and Jimmy goodbye. They were my pride and joy. Still are of course. We hid out at my sister’s home for over a week. My father tried to find mom but to no avail. We were sworn to secrecy. We had many supporters in Moose Jaw including the Bidwell Studios who took our passport pictures and never breathed a word to anyone. Our belongings were left with Kathy. Mom’s intentions were to return to Canada as soon as possilble. Life in England was not easy. Although I enjoyed it. The first part was spent living with my Uncle and Aunt and cousin, Richard in Alysham, Norfolk. A lovely home. They even had a housekeeper. We had the guest room with a bathroom and our own sink in the room. It was luxury. Mom and I both smoked and when auntie would come in we would both hide our smokes behind our backs. Once, I realized later that I was standing in front of a mirror so she would have seen it anyway. My Aunt and Uncle paid for me, mom and my little sister who was 10 to come to England. My uncle drove a Jag. He was a wild driver and I loved to go for rides with him. On one of our rides he asked me about my life in Canada. I told him the gruesome details of how my dad was so abusive. And how on the last New Year’s Eve he had kicked in the apartment door where mom and I lived and he hit me with an upper cut to the chin. My uncle was shocked but he believed me. He said he had heard this but did not believe it until now. He is a kind gentle man and his wife Edith took us in. Well as you know sometimes staying at someones home can be a bit too long. By then mom had a job. I did too. I was taking a bus regularly into Norwich to work at Norwich Union Insurance Group. I love the independence. For the first little while Uncle let me work in the office of his business but because of my immaturity I was over stepping the limits. He never said a word. He just managed to get me this job at Norwich Union Insurance Group. I was an uneducated, uppity brat. Where I got airs from I am not sure. But I remember what I was like. So mom decided we would move out. There was a thatch roof cottage for rent in St. Faith, Norfolk 1/2 way between Aylsham and Norwich. So we got help from Uncle and we moved into this quaint ancient home. This was an adventure. It only lasted one night but that was enough. (to be continued) This was me at that time.


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Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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