Thank you for your condolences. As you know I come from a very sick family. Kathy stopped talking to me 8 years or so ago and finally I learned to take a hint and I got on with my life and after a long time I stopped asking why why why. She did call me about a month before she died. But I never returned the call. At that time, I had learned to live with the situation and was not prepared to be dragged back into any drama. But I always have loved her. I just TOOK THE HINT. People say, “aren’t you talking to your sister?” I say, “I TOOK THE HINT.” Like that saying goes. Don’t cast your pearls among swine. She may have really hated treating me like shit under her feet but that is her problem not mine.
That is how Kathy punished those that crossed her. She lived a miserable life. She is in a much better place even if there is nothing else on the other side.

My family, Dale, Angela, Robin and the grandchildren are fine with it. Angie took it the hard because she was the one that had the memories and closeness with her Aunt Kathy. Kathy had rejected her also in those eight years for no other reason than she was mad at me. How cruel.

I send her love all the time since I am aware that if I harbour hate it will fester in my heart and eat me from the inside out. So I focus on the positive and who I do have in my life.

Thank for recognizing my pain. A lot of people think that you loss doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten along for awhile. Funny how that is.


About pardonmyblog

Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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