Hey You! Get outta my bubble.

Recently there was another video that was leaked to the world.  I use the word leaked seriously even though you might see a pun.

My last 62 years have been spent learning what it is all about. What a shame that I might find out at the end of my life what it all means. We really need to know this before we begin our lives.

I guess that is why some people say that there has to be an afterlife. One that we will not enter into as a complete dummy.

So as I entered the world, I was aware of noise and pushing and shoving. I swished around in a tiny swimming pool and as I felt myself grow I got things that allowed me to open and close and I could push my limits. I was constantly moving. But trapped in this tiny wet room.

And then one day there was a lot more commotion than usual. I found myself being pushed downward through a tiny opening. Little did I know at the time that I would be delivered into a limitless world.

It would be cold, harsh, warm, loving, unkind, mean, nice, beautiful and challenging.

So what I really wanted to say is that War is awful

Why are we surprised if a person comes from a violent county and chops off the heads of our loved one.

Why are we surprised if the soldiers pee on some dead Taliban. Wanting to show their dying friends that they have taken the ultimate revenge by killing and desecrating the bodies of the ones that hurt them.

Why are we surprised if our soldiers come home and beat their wives and children.

Why are we surprised that they come back hopeless. Constantly shocked.

I was one who carried a placard against war, Pro-abortion, anti-child abuse, anti-animal abuse. For women’s rights.  We haven’t come a long ways baby. We are still all in chains of the human grind.

When I think of the women I met each born on the same day from the same womb and the hate they had for one another helps me to understand humans. We have the ability to hate or love and all the emotions between. What we CHOOSE to do is up to us.


About pardonmyblog

Learning to become a hermit. 2013 still learning. It is tough when there are so many humans around.
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